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What Is A Ductless Mini Split?

A ductless mini split is a wall mounted air conditioner that doesn’t require duct work, making this the ideal air conditioner for spaces where adding ductwork may be an issue. Instead of using ductwork, they all use a single refrigerant line set that connects to an outdoor coil (condenser) to deliver the collected heat outside. 

They also provide individual temperature control by using individual units (heads) for the desired zones/rooms, which saves energy. Mini Splits also act as a heater, meaning they’re perfect year-round!  

Being the most efficient air-to-air heat pump technology available, many utility companies (including Eversource and Norwich Public Utilities) offer rebates and tax incentives when you choose to install a mini split system. 

 Looking to install a mini split?  

Mini Split on Wall

What Are Mini Splits Fueled By?

Mini Splits are fueled by:

  • Electricity

What Types of Repairs Do We Offer?

We offer the following repairs:

  • Electrical Component Repairs 

  • Water Leaks 

  • No Cooling 

Do you need to have your mini split looked at?

How Often Should I Clean My Mini Split?

For optimum performance and best air quality, bi-annual cleanings are recommended: 

  • One for Heating Season (Fall/Winter) 

  • One for Cooling Season (Spring/Summer) 

    Looking to have a mini split cleaned?

Mini Split

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